Cannabis Gift Guide 2018 – Last Minute Weed Gift Ideas

The Best Cannabis Gift Ideas for 2018

You’re last minute shopping with Extract Magazine!  It’s almost Christmas and we’re all still scrambling for gifts, because that’s what we do best!

We hit the streets to help you find last minute cannabis gifts for the loved ones in your life.  A special thanks to Bongs & Such 16th Ave, Hemp Roots Montgomery and The Next Level Bowness.

Top Gifts for a Cannabis Grower

Grow Tent Kits

Grow tents are an awesome gift for anyone new to cannabis with legalization passing this year.  Anyone looking to grow cannabis in a confined space where smell and moisture is an issue (such as rental properties) would greatly benefit from this contained atmosphere.

Options exist for all sizes large multi plant areas through small single plant grow spaces.  the higher end tents come prepared for extra addons such as a carbon filter. 

Companies as Grow Simple take the process a step further offering packages containing all the supplies you need to get started, even a team to help you learn the ropes.

These kits are available at Hemp Roots Montgomery locations.

The Big Book of Buds 1, 2 and 3

The Big Book of Buds is a series of cannabis paperbacks dedicated to the education of specific cannabis strains.

This is the perfect book for readers to learn cannabis strains’ flowering periods, growth cycles, terpene profiles, yield estimates and preferred climates.

Grab the Big Book of Bud from Bongs and Such.

420 800x USB Scope

Your end crops is only as good as your harvest period! 

Ensure that the cannabis grower in your life never misses their ideal crop time again with this cost effective microscope designed to give growers an affordable solution to monitor their trichomes.

Grab one from 420 Science.

Cannabis Gifts for Men

Beyond Smoking Cannagars

Beyond Smoking brings your man a cannagar this 2018 holiday season.  With a variety of options includeing product, weight and customizations, nothing says ringing in the new year like a premium, gold flake cannabis cigar.

Beyond Smoking guarantees all of their products, so you can be sure that what you are ordering arrives just the way you envisioned. 

Visit Beyond Smoking to view their current menu, or get started placing your custom order, built to your specifications. 

Man Day Hemp Soap

Man Day Grooming is a Canadian based product line of hand made, hemp based beauty products for men. Their products are all organic and loaded with body essentials.  Don’t stop at the soap, they offer a huge line of hemp based creams and grooming products for your man’s beard.

Check out Man Day Grooming here.

Cannabis Gifts for Women

Smoke Odor Eliminating Candles

Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles are enzyme formulated candles loaded with fragrance, designed to attack  and remove odors from your smoke space. 

The flavors are endless, you are guaranteed to find a smell that appeals to anyone’s palate on your Christmas list this year.  Check out the massive variety at Bongs & Such.

Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts Lotion and Topical Creams

Hempz is a cannabis brand focusing on the topical and lotion side of products. 

That is; daily skin care, hair products, aroma therapy, sun skin care, and specialty body scrubs.  Their product scope is huge catering to all varieties of beauty care and their products contain 100% natural hemp seed oil.

Find a massive selection Hempz products at Hemp Roots Montgomery.

Mary Jane – The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

This book needs little explaining. 

If you have a woman in your life curious about cannabis, this is a no brainer.  The Mary Jane Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women covers absolutely everything anyone could inquire about cannabis for the female toker.

Cannabis Gifts for a Foodie

The Magical Butter Easy Decarboxylation Machine

Making cannabutter has never been easier!

The Magical Butter Botanical Extractor turns your cannabis into activated butter with convenience. 

Grab this off the shelf at Bongs and Such!

Tasty Buds Chocolates

Tasty Buds are chocolates that look like real cannabis strains and taste wonderful.

Grab your Tasty Buds at The Next Level, Hemp Roots and Bongs and Such.

The Nomad Chef – Infused Dining Series Experience

The Nomad Chef Infused Dining Series is an outside the box experience in which you and any size group enjoy a premium, multi-course, CBD or THC infused meal prepared by Chef Travis Peterson.

Learn more about the Infused Dining Series .

Cannabis Gifts for a Student

Coffee Cup Pipe 

Coffee cup pipes, novelties to some, the key success for others.  Find a variety of styles that will suit the coffee drinker you know enjoys a hoot.

We found a variety of coffee mug pipes at Bongs & Such on 16th Ave NW.

Smoke Buddy Air Filter

The Smoke Buddy Air Filter keeps the vapor or smoke away from the family, and a staple in the cannabis community.  If you want to step away from the toilet paper roll filled with bounty sheets, this is your direction.

Smoke Buddy Air Filters are perfect for those living in multi residence complexes, renting or just want to keep their place smelling fresh.

Grab your Smoke Buddy at Hemp Roots.

Premium Cannabis Gifts

Custom Glass Bongs

Looking for a one off gift, something extra unique for the special someone? 

Or, Two Custom Glass Bongs

On display at The Next Level Bowness you will find extraordinary glass art unmatched by any retailer in Calgary.   Featuring local and national glass blowing artists, these are the perfect gifts for the true cannabis connoisseur.

Raw Black Gold Tray

This Raw Black Gold tray is available at The Next Level

As a  lifestyle brand in the cannabis space, Raw specializes in cannabis accessories, specifically natural rolling papers, and cannabis rolling trays that cater to all demographics of cannabis users.

The Raw Black Gold tray is one of Raw’s premium cannabis trays, also available in gold and pink gold varieties.

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Sine 24k gold rolling papers give your joints an extra sparkle.   Perfect for the baller in your life, these novelty papers actually burn quite nice and according to the website, aren’t a health risk as the edible gold flake leaves metallic residue in the ash, not your lungs.

Shine 24k gold rolling papers come in pre-rolled cones, so you can avoid the complicated steps and get to smoking that much quicker.  Grab your set at The Next Level Bowness.

Dead Rabbit Press Co. 20 Tonne
Rosin Press

The Dead Rabbit Press Co is a lifestyle brand native to Calgary specializing in organic extraction machines.

This is a great gift for any cannabis connoisseur with a preference for extracts. 

If you’re new to cannabis extracts, rosin presses use a mix of heating and squishing cannabis to extract the the cannabinoids from the flower, leaving users with an organic concentrate of the good stuff.

Cannabis Gifts for the Animal Lover

Hemp Products for Puppies

  • Hemp Bites
  • Medi Paws

Hemp and CBD products for dogs are becoming a popular option as gifts for our dogs in 2018 as they have been associated with reduced anxiety, pain relief and an array of health benefits also found in humans.

Hemp Roots carries a large selection of products for keeping our furry friends healthy.

Cannabis Stocking Stuffers

Raw Accessories

  • Raw papers
  • Raw pre rolled cones
  • Raw frisbee
  • Raw rolling trays

Raw is a cannabis brand known for its natural rolling papers.  The brand is taking over the cannabis lifestyle market with cool accessories and branded merchandise.  

The Next Level carries a healthy inventory of awesome Raw accessories. 

Storz & Bickel “Volcano” Grinder

The Storz & Bickel grinder is a classic for many cannabis users around the world.  This plastic device was a freebie in the original Volcano vaporizer kit and quickly became a popular accessory.

Grab the Volcano cannabis buster at Hemp Roots Montgomery.

Rez Block

Rez Block keeps your bong clean.  Using a mix of organic solvents, add Rez Block to the water in your bong to prevent typical build up of residue left behind from concentrates or flower.

Grab Rez Block at Bongs and Such.

Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below!  Want to be featured in the next gift guide?  Contact us here.

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