20% Tax Increase Coming To Vape Products In Alberta


The Alberta 2020 Tax Plan has been released and inside the province takes aim at vape products with a 20% tax increase that applies to all vape hardware, e liquids and products that allow consumers to make their own products at home.

Escaping the tax increase is tobacco, pharmaceuticals and non vape related cannabis products.

Product Type Taxable
All vaping devices (e.g., pens, open systems, pod and cartridge devices) and related accessories   ✔️
All e-liquids, including cannabis e-liquids   ✔️
Other DIY vaping products (e.g., propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine solutions, flavourings) sold for vaping   ✔️
Pharmaceutical products approved by Health Canada with a Drug Identification Number (e.g., smoking cessation products)  ❌
Tobacco and heat-not-burn tobacco products, hookah/shisha  ❌
Non-vaping cannabis products  ❌