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Meet PotLeaf News, A Weekly Canadian Cannabis Print Publication

A few months back we came across a print publication that is written, printed and distributed across Canada, helping educate Canadians about cannabis with easily accessible information.

The PotLeaf News is a weekly periodical that you will find in restaurants, retailers, offices and events aimed at helping Canadians learn a little bit about cannabis in a print flyer to read while you’re out and about, as well as take home and enjoy.

Extract sat down with PLN to learn a little more about the motivation behind the brand.

Tell us a little about the creative new venture PotLeaf News.

PotLeaf News™ is a free weekly cannabis educational publication, each weeks edition will offer a variety of content including educational and legal facts about cannabis, horoscopes, games, as well as editorial contributions from  notable cannabis advocates.

We are based in Victoria but are selling regional franchise territories nationwide and soon, internationally.

We saw the need for some actual cannabis education in this emerging market and PotLeaf News was born. People still say ‘print is dead’ but that is so far from the truth, we are offering people an interesting and exciting reason to put down their cell phone for 25 minutes and actually learn something.

Who makes up the PotLeaf News team?

  • James Whitehead is the visionary mind behind PotLeaf News, James Whitehead is a trailblazing entrepreneur gifted with a proven ability to identify emerging market opportunities and the business savvy to manifest them into successful businesses. 
  • Our Creative Director, Dean Coleman is responsible for a myriad assortment of duties at PotLeaf News such as design, operations, webmastering, office management, and more. 
  • Our Director of Sales, Russell Dee is PotLeaf News’ sales & franchise manager. 
  • Our Queen of Content is Krista Larsen. In addition to being responsible for PotLeaf News’ day-to-day bookkeeping, she is also in charge of aggregating and generation of our original content, including horoscopes and hand drawn illustrations. If content is king, then Krista is the queen. 
  • Lana Tong is responsible for the research and writing of most of our educational content. She is a Copywriter, Junior Marketer, and aspiring Endocannabinoid Psychopharmacologist based in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Aaron Wilson heads up PotLeaf News’ Social Media presence and online marketing department and has also purchased the Downtown Victoria franchise.

Where is the PotLeaf News published?

PLN is currently Canada wide and we are selling regional franchises in cities and towns nationwide.

We have TradeMark applications in for the US and many other countries. We plan to use Canada as a springboard to launch our publication globally.

How has the reception been thus far in regards to advertisers and distributors?

We have been extremely well received, most people immediately see the need for some cannabis education and the fact there are no strings attached or costs incurred by the host business makes it very easy to obtain distribution sites.

Because of this, every retail business is a candidate to distribute PotLeaf News and so far 90% of the businesses in Calgary and Airdrie that we have asked, have eagerly agreed to become a host distribution site.

As soon as other business operators started to see our paper being displayed throughout the territory, we started getting calls for advertising, so that was a nice surprise.

Your brand has a unique method of connecting with local businesses for advertising, can you touch on how the business side of PotLeaf News offers opportunities to Calgarians to connect local businesses with your services?

Since legalization, cannabis has been THE topic of conversation from the locker room to the water cooler to the coffee shop gathering. We knew our publication would appeal to cannabis users which make up 90-91% of the population but how do we reach the other 9%? We decided to make it educational as well as fun and interesting for readers.

Having a publication that can truly appeal to everyone means advertisers can rest assured that their message is being seen by the masses.

What type of businesses can I pick up PotLeaf News in, solely head shops, or other types of stores as well?

So far, we are in over one hundred stores between Calgary and Airdrie and adding more each day.

We are finding that every type of retail business operator seems interested in carrying the paper – barber shops, salons, pizza places, coffee shops, tattoo parlours, CorFit gym in Bridgeland, Peloton Cycling, several restaurants and many many more great stores.

We also have franchisees starting to become active in Downtown Vancouver, WestSide Vancouver, Downtown Victoria and many more.

What are the restrictions on advertising cannabis companies in areas with children or youth under 18 and how has your team worked around these?

Our easy work around is we are not reliant or even targeting Cannabis Related business as advertisers but all ads are welcomed as long as they abide by Federal and regional guidelines.

If someone under 18 happens to pick it up not realizing it is meant for adults, they will become educated not corrupted.

In regards to regulation instilled by the federal and provincial governments, does your team feel restricted in the ability to conduct business, or do you think the advertising restrictions are fair?  How so?

No issues.

What kind of content can we expect in each issue of PotLeaf News, and how many issues are release each year?

You will find educational facts about the plant, its medicinal and healing properties, all the different cannabinoids will be explained as well as many other interesting and little known facts about this marvelous plant.

Where can we pickup PotLeaf News?

It is proudly being distributed at over 100 stores throughout Airdrie and Calgary. Weekly printing officially begins February 18th 2019!

As an advertiser what do I need to know?

Advertisers will sign a 13 week ad contract and host sites have no obligations or fees at all. You should contact: sales@potleafnews.com.

If I would like to help out the growth of PotLeaf News as an area rep, how do I get started?

We are always looking for great people, send a resume to: sales@potleafnews.com

I always like to ask what everyone’s thoughts are on the Cannabis Act we were introduced to late last year, what are your thoughts on the Federal, Provincial and Municipal cannabis regulations that come with legalization, what did they get right, and how could they improve?

Right: It’s not a criminal offence by itself to use Cannabis.

Wrong: All the red tape and the way it supports other interests in the cannabis space rather than it’s traditional supporters.

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