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Top 3 Calgary Weed Delivery Services

Calgary weed delivery is a competitive space when it comes to price, quality, same day weed delivery, promotions and signup bonuses. As Canadian provinces phase in weed delivery regulation, Alberta was a quick mover in regards to framework for delivery services and adding a layer of convenience for cannabis consumers that don’t want to leave their house, especially with winter coming up!

We tested a number of retail and legacy cannabis delivery dispensaries in Calgary and rated them for a number of areas that you’re going to love. Check out the chart below to find out which weed delivery services are leading the pack in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Here’s our top 3 cannabis delivery services in Calgary.

Supherbs –  Calgary’s best quality weed delivery service

Supherbs is a Calgary weed delivery service that delivers your weed in 90 minutes or less 7 days a week. This online dispensary focuses on delivering high quality or top shelf cannabis at fair rates for customers in Calgary, and mail order to those across Canada. Supherbs cannabis dispensary boasts a massive selection of products mainly focused on high THC indica strains, connoissuer strains, high THC edibles and a massive variety of pre rolled joints.

When we say high THC edibles, these guys have some pretty strong stuff. 1250mg of THC, 1080mg of THC and that’s in 1 package of gummies. We tried the 1250mg Ganja Leaf edible and it knocked us on our ass.

The team at Supherbs is large, educated and they are standing by during business hours to take your order by phone or text, and help with all of your product based questions. When deliveries come at an extended length the customer service is quick to respond and let you know the estimated wait times. From all our experiences, the staff here is knowledgeable, eager to help you find the best products, and more than willing to go the extra mile to help you enjoy your order to it’s max potential.

  • Signup Deal: 20% off your first order
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
  • Referral Program: Give $10, get $10 off your next order.
  • Ounces Starting at: $99 ounces +
  • Product Categories: Weed, top shelf weed, THC and CBD disposable vapes, mushrooms, edibles, extracts, moonrocks, pre rolled joints, tinctures, cannabis accessories.
  • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free delivery on orders over $100.
  • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
  • Regular Promotions:
    1. Bulk Pricing
    2. Earn points you can redeem for discounts on your next purchase in cart
    3. Bundles to save on weed, pre rolled joints, shatter, edibles and more
    4. Free shipping on orders over $100 across Canada
    5. Free joint with every order
    6. Birthday gifts
    7. Free prizes with different levels of spending inc;luding rolling trays and papers.

The Best Dispensary For: Supherbs is the best option in Calgary for top shelf weed delivered to you in the same day. If you are looking for a premium cannabis experience, Supherbs is bringing you the quality cannabis at reasonable rates for less than the other dispensaries we’ve tried.

Exotic strains and a consistently changing product selection means there is something for everyone, but Supherbs defintely leans towards the seasoned stoners with their HIGH THC edibles and strains.

Anyone who needs a high dose of THC but isn’t interested in smoking or dabbing should check out Supherbs selection of tinctures, THC capsules and potent edibles.

Calgary Weed Delivery (CWD) – Calgary’s quickest same day weed delivery service

Calgary Weed Delivery is one of Calgary’s newest and quickest cannabis deliver service to lunch in the city. Claiming lower delivery fees than the industry standard, Calgary Weed Delivery aka CWD offers Calgarians a chance to get their weed delivered in the same day within 1.5 hours.

CWD offers budget buds and quality cannabis strains at some of the lowest prices in Calgary. The real kicker is their minimum for same day deliveries. Enjoy free delivery at Calgary Weed Delivery on all orders over $50, making this the perfect dispensary for those purchasing other product lines like edibles, pre rolls or shatter. Calgary Weed Delivery caters to all type of cannabis consumers offering high quality and budget buds at extremelly fair rates, with a massive selection of edibles, pre rolled joints, vapes and more.

Customers looking to save regularly will love the points system at CWD. Free gifts and bonuses are usually rewarded through a loyalty based system for each dollar spent. Customers can trade points in for free weed ranging from an 1/8th all the way up to a free 1/2 pound of weed.

  • Signup Deal: Free 1/8th with your first order
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer.
  • Referral Program: Give a free 1/8th, recieve 1500 points to exchange for a free 1/8th
  • Ounces Starting at: $79 ounces +
  • Product Categories: Lower amounts of weed (1/4s +), mushrooms, tinctures, disposable and 510 thread vapes, shatter, lots of pre rolled joints in 3 and 7 packs.
  • Delivery Fee: Free 90 minute delivery on orders over $50.
  • Same Day Delivery: Free same day 90 minute delivery in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Chochrane and other cities close to Calgary.
  • Regular Promotions:

    1. Take $25 off orders of $250+ every day
    2. Free joint with every order
    3. Earn points you can exchange for free weed up to 1/2 pound

The Best Dispensary For: Calgary Weed Delivery is a newcomer in Calgary and one of the best dispensaries we’ve encountered for promotions and loyalty. They offer incentives for bulk purchases and customers buying smaller amounts of pre rolls or edibles are still subject to earn points.

If you’re looking for an awesome shopping experience with an interactive point system, and new cool weekly promotions, this is the site for you. Enjoy access to smaller quantities and lower fees for delivery but still the same quick same day delivery times anywhere in Calgary. These guy were the fastest.

My28Grams – Calgary’s weed delivery service with the best price on quality ounces

My28Grams.co is a Calgary original that’s been around for years servicing most Calgarians at this point. Their brand recognition within city limits is massive and they’re active in up to date inventory, promotions and a great overall shopping experience. With improved loading times and a website facelift, My28Grams is a site that helps users find and purchase cannabis easier and quicker than most websites.

This is one of the top delivery services in Calgary for the last near decade and really a company who is leading the way for creative promotions and involvement within the Calgary cannabis community.

My28Grams.co was the first online dispensary to bring $59 ounces to Calgarians and offers a badass line of nearly every cannabis product you can imagine. The team at My28Grams is very focused on going the extra mile with customer service and customer relations in general, releaseing a number of annual surveys to gather feedback in exchange for big rewards. It’s nice to shop at a dispensary that cares what I think and that’s a model that works with me.

  • Signup Deal: None
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
  • Referral Program: Give $15, get $15 off your next order.
  • Ounces Starting at: $59+
  • Product Categories: $59, $79, $99, $129, $149 ounces, pre rolled joints, moonrocks, shatter, disposable vape pens, 510 thread vape pens, tinctures, magic mushrooms, THC diamonds, edibles and more.
  • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free deliver on orders over $100.
  • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
  • Regular Promotions:

    1. A brand new points system that offers users a variety of rewards and 5 points / $1 spent

The Best Dispensary For: My28Grams.co is one of our favorites for their simple website, easy to find high THC strains and their pricing structure. The price tiers really makes it easy to find what your’re looking for based on what you want to spend, and surprisingly i feel like this is one of the best ways, and most accurate to sepeate strins on a website.

My28Grams.co is for the more seasoned stoner as they solely sell ounces. In exchange for a volume model, My28 saves you money on higher priced buds by keeping their minimum order to ounces and above. It really is a model that works out best for those who consume daily cannabis, and at the end of the day is a serious consideration.

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