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Mark Hope, better known in the cannabis community as his twitter handle: “Conor McCannabis”, is a passionate cannabis advocate, investor, patient, content contributor to CannaInvestor Magazine, and part-owner of two cannabis businesses: ‘CannaHelpYou.ca’, which helps patients with harvesting and processing their cannabis, including mobile rosin pressing, trimmer rentals, and grow equipment sales, and ‘Shay’s Roots’, a telemedicine prescription cannabis clinic with a focus on patient care through strain-matching and education. Shay’s Roots gets its name from a similar story to the famous “Charlotte’s Web”: the co-founders helped a young Alberta girl named Shay stop her seizures by using cannabis. Shay’s Roots just opened a physical location in the Edmonton area (St. Albert), and has more locations in the works, including a location opening shortly in Saskatoon, SK. Originally from Saskatchewan, Mark Hope took Business Admin at NAIT in Edmonton, where he is a member of the NAIT Cannabis Club, and has a background in marketing and business development, as well as experience as an entrepreneur. In 2017, he ran for City Council in Edmonton, but is now fully committed to working in the Cannabis Industry. Hope has been most passionate about cannabis laws and education, and an advocate for cannabis rights. He has been on the municipal stakeholders list in Edmonton, providing feedback on municipal laws, spoken at City Council meetings as a potential retail cannabis business owner, and speaks about it on twitter. Hope has also been in TV and print media for speaking out against the impaired driving laws of bill C46, and disinformation about cannabis.

How to Teach Kids About Cannabis – Changing The Way We Communicate Cannabis Education To Teens

Mark Hope
On a global scale, teens are being mislead about about cannabis based on the controversial D.A.R.E program. Worse yet, the message was recently shared with thousands more through an article by CBC News, with a Q&A on “what teens want to know about cannabis and legalization”. The article centers around two teen girls who feel as though they aren’t being...