Yocan Loaded Vaporizer Review


  • Length: 5.077″(129mm)
  • Width: 0.86″(22mm)

What’s in the box

  • 1x Yocan Loaded
  • 1x quad quartz coil
  • 1x dual quartz coil
  • 1x micro USB charger
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x Yocan dab tool

Yocan Loaded Review

The Yocan Loaded is an upgrade from the past pen vaporizers offered by Yocan.  What I love about this company is the continual progress.  It seems like every vaporizer release comes ready with all the updates you were wishing they would add to the last model.  Yocan frequently updates their product line, so there’s always plenty of affordable options to choose from.

The Yocan Loaded follows the Evolve Plus, Evolve Plus XL and Magneto with a new unit built for convenient loading, and big hoots.

Starting off, this pen has an extendable mouth piece.  This is a huge benefit for those carrying their vapes in a pocket or purse.  These things tend to get nasty on the mouth piece, but the Yocan Loaded prevents a little bit of gunk with a quick twist, exposing the extendable mouth piece.

For those of you that are tired of trying to load your vaporizer on the go, the Loaded solves a lot of your issues.  No longer do you have to juggle 4 or 5 parts.  Simply pop open the side door and the coil is exposed, eliminating the chamber cap that gets lost so easily.

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As with previous Yocan Vaporizers, the bottom has a screw off container for your extract storage.  This has always been a nice feature of these pens as sometimes concentrate packaging isn’t the most convenient to carry. My experience with the Yocan Loaded was a good one, this is an amazing vaporizer pen, especially for the price point in this vape review.

I would put it along Yocan’s premium models as the casing is a little more heavy duty than the lower models and it comes with a nice gloss finish.

As per Yocan style, there’s a wide variety of colors available to match any personality.  The box is fitted with a spare dual quartz coil in case that’s your preference.

This is a portable vape unit that I would recommend to anyone who’s tired of vape pens that are hard to refill on the fly.  The Yocan Loaded is one of the easiest products on the market to refill, even with one hand.  No more juggling and losing parts in the snow.

So who’s the Yocan loaded for?  This is the perfect portable vaporizer for around the house or to bring and pass with others at the club or an event.


Yocan Loaded Review (Updates)

After using the Yocan Loaded vaporizer pen for a few months, we’re back to give you an update.

The weight of the Yocan Loaded really emphasizes the strength of it’s case.  The exterior and battery are very durable, but we’ve found other areas of the pen to need improvement.

The retractable mouthpiece could use upgrades.  Weeks of use led to the retractable mouthpiece gumming up a little.  Unfortunately, with the mouthpiece thread system, when you try to retract and extend the mouthpiece sometimes the unit begins unscrewing and it’s a little bit of a hassle.

The cartridge widow gets sticky. With regular use, the window becomes harder to open, as the vaporizer residue ends up sticking.  This isn’t a huge issue, but noticeable.

The rubber rings are offset. Rubber bands connect the cartridge to the unit and mouth piece. These have become offset after a while, although it doesn’t seem to damper the quality of your hoot.

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