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Letter to the Editor

Prohibition 2.0 in Canada

As George Orwell wrote: 

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious”

Figuratively, this is relevant with our current state of agree-ability as a society with cannabis legalization. With a re-election date pending, and further political order actuating, a rushed legalization date set for October 17th/2018 was decided.

In the turmoil of the unrest, and the hopeful vision of a legal day the people could consume cannabis recreationally, a network of financial, political, legal, and social framework was promptly formulated. In these distractions, to the awareness of a few, the government tasked itself to sneakily infringe upon every Canadians rights. 

With a new controlled substance being released to the public, the understanding of control and regulation, not only as personal consumption, but as a social consumption, it is inevitable that will require legislation and laws to facilitate the continual flow of society.

The issue with this has been; the government has released its legal network of guidelines, based as though cannabis is going to cause an un-proportionate problem with society as has alcohol.

In respects to operation of an automobile, our rights to”reasonable suspect of impairment” (driving irradicably, swerving, inconsistent speeds, etc), have been abolished to: society having to provide abody sample, regardless of circumstance, on demand.

Now, this isn’t a problem for most people, and most people would agree that driving an auto mobile under the influence is a massive social faux-paux. The issues lie in the methods they are demanding the samples: mouth swabs, breath tests, blood samples. Some of these methods facilitate the collection of one’s personal DNA which is collected and saved. 

“When Part 2 of the legislation comes into force, police officers who have an approved screening device on hand will be able to test a sample of any driver they lawfully stop, even without reasonable suspicion”


This isn’t even touching the topic of medical use and the question ability of impairment in those users. That is a heated debate that hastily requires some supporting studies and logic as to not turn half the population into criminals that are forced to use the bus.This is an area where legislation needs to help the people, not hinder.

The current intoxication values they have given for ‘legally intoxicated’, are the same levels shown in medical patients days after use,that showcase no impairment whatsoever. Some patients will be unable to legally drive for days in-between dosing, with the new legislature and road traps. 

With the issue of mass testing at road stops, and the ability to be subjected to a test regardless of circumstance, that is going to hurt more than just the society of Cannabis users.

Thinking to when they changed the legal alcohol limit to 0.05 from 0.08, and how that minor change affected the number of conviction rates substantially with zero effect on alcohol related accidents. It’s an over control legislation which has abolished everyone’s rights to not be bothered and hassled unless they have infringed upon society. It will lead to full courthouses and a further impacted middle class.

Impairment is not a number, it’s a state of being. Just because there has been an acute rush to legalization and there hasn’t been a suitable impairment measuring system designated, doesn’t mean we give up our rights and supply our DNA on demand. 

Just my two joints.

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