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MassRoots Review

Upon opening the application, you are immediately greeted by a full-screen image of a beautifully glowing cannabis bud.

Once you start to scroll through the app, you instantly find yourself on Instagram of cannabis.

The app has a collection of individuals who use the MassRoots platform to post images of their personal cannabis while providing detailed reviews.

It is not uncommon to see more than just marijuana in this app.

MassRoots allows individuals to engage with other cannabis consumers openly. The platform enables users to post any material or content related to cannabis, at times, it’s even just a simple selfie. That means you will find pictures of cannabis strains, but also how to guides teaching users how to take a dab, roll a joint or really anything cannabis oriented.

The best description for MassRoots would be a total cannabis lifestyle app geared at multimedia sharing and connecting with other cannabis enthusiests. The app allows your to dfilter results by local, or greater area if you’re looking for buddies to expand your smokers circle.

It appears that recently MassRoots made a shift of focus into the medical cannabis field.  As described on their app post MassRoot is:

The best medical marijuana products are discovered and shared by the cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced them first hand. Our network of pot aficionados are medical patients just like you, but also includes some of the most credible voices in the legal medical marijuana industry.

Whether you’re looking to discover new weed strains and products, read ratings and reviews, or share your medical marijuana experiences with like minded people, MassRoots is THE community for cannabis.

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