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Leafly offers all the services a regular cannabis consumer can ask for.

First off, features that immediately caught my attention is the ‘Dispensaries Near You’ feature.

This is the best map I could find updated for Calgary, and ultimately shows a collection of potential dispensaries that have opened their doors in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately, when you click on the map locator, it shows dispensaries in mainly British Colombia and several in the western United States. As someone from Albertan, you can simply select ‘Delivery Service Near You’ to find an assortment of companies’ ready to provide a delivery service.

The navigation for other cities across Canada, like us over in Calgary could use a little TLC.

The Leafy app does still provide a few more exciting features that would appeal to any degree of cannabis user.

The search menu will take you to an array of current cannabis articles. But Leafly’s most promising search feature is the ‘Strain Reviews’ section. Leafly provides numerous strain reviews with thousands of written reviews by cannabis users worldwide.

Acting as a live database of cannabis strains, users can submit their own photos and compare similar strains across several regions, and I think that is by far the coolest feature available.

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