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House Plant Sativa


  • Sativa
  • THCTotal : 20.3%
  • CBDTotal : <0.07%

House Plant Sativa brings energy to the table in a big way.

The high lasts anywhere from 1 hr to 1.5 hr, with limited burnout.  This is one you can plan a day of activities around. The taste is light with hints of earthly terpenes.

Smokes best when vaporized or smoked from a bong. The bud is fairly sticky and covered with trichomes.

These buds are larger compared to other licensed producers

The packaging is large however it sets itself apart from all the others with its yellow color and solid construction, maybe its to contain the dense nugs

It keeps you clear-headed and allows for creativity. However, with the high THC content, this plant is rated at the higher end of the scale

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