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High There Review

Want someone to enjoy cannabis with?

Looking for a tinder style app that skips the BS, and connects you instantly with a buddy to blaze with?

Welcome to High There!

A cannabis friendly platform designed to help you connect with other ‘like-minded people’. Female or male, your choices are not limited when selecting who to connect with.

People using High There! will notice a few similarities to Tinder as the app uses a similar software to connect like minded cannabis users.

High There utilizes features that allows you to ‘swipe right’ until you find the perfect match, or of course a no with a swipe left.

Available for download on iOS or Android, the concept is wonderful but the developers have a little bit of work to do. Unfortunately, the user experience on High There! is plagued with buggy software and bots looking to sell you cannabis and other goods or services.

High There could use an update or two, but the foundation for something special exists.

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