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Extract Brings Cannabis To Twitch And Discord With The Launch of Two Live Trivia Shows and a Badass Monthly Call of Duty Series

Join an online Canadian Cannabis Community that is growing fast

Fortunately, we live in a time where the world is at our finger tips, and if we get creative, quarantine doesn’t need to affect us in a negative way. Times are changing, and we want to help the online community evolve as well, in a positive way, with a little more inspiration from the plant we love, and the community that supports it.

With the help of Instaleaf, The Derek Show and a handful of sponsors, we’ve launched a few cool thins we want to talk about.

  • A new Discord Community, somewhere we can call home base to chat with the community and share new projects, live shows and the wisdom this community holds. Our Discord channel will always broadcast our eGaming events with commentary, our trivia shows and other live events Extract is hosting.
  • A Twitch channel for Extract Media to host all of our live events. Twitch makes it easy for us to run these events live, and have you guys answer our questions.
  • 2 live broadcast cannabis trivia shows formed around the Canadian cannabis industry. We want you to have fun and win sweet prizes, so it’s free to enter, all you have to do is let us know in the Trivia Signup channel of our Discord community and you’re in. The show air live on the first 2 Thursdays of each month, so book them off. We present live from Twitch, and you enter your answers in the chat, it’s that simple. The themes are “Buds With Buds Trivia” and “The Strain Game”. Begins June 1st. Both are 🍍 Extract Awards events.
  • A Call of Duty Series for our gamers. The BAKED Call of Duty Series is broadcast live on Twitch & Discord. Anyone can join, and it runs on the 15th of every month with multiple games and chances to win prizes like Battle Pass paid for a year and more. An Extract 🍍 Awards event.
  • A cannabis inspired Poker Series called Kush & Cards. Actually it’s just a little community on Poker Stars, but there’s some fun plans we have in action. Wednesdays and Sundays the cannabis community comes together on Pokerstars Home games to play some poker tournaments and cash tables. Series begins June 1st. An 🍍 Extract Awards event.
  • The 🍍 Extract Awards are a new semi-annual award event we are launching. The Extract Awards are given to leaderboard winners from select Extract Events twice annually (November 20th, and April 20th). We have an extremely sick new line of merchandise in shipping – with that are custom one off pieces of EXTRACT Gear, exclusive to Extract Award winners. Play these games as the ONLY WAY to win your custom loot.

The Team Extract Discord Community

Welcome to the Team Extract Discord Community, a group of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts that come together
to chat about the plant and everything it inspires. We’re approaching 300 active Canadians and can’t wait for you to join the fun.

Discord is an app that is available on PC, Android, and iPhone app stores that allow people to create and join servers to chat and converse. Discord makes it easy to connect with others by using different channels centered around topics – both text and voice channels are available. Features include the ability to stream your screen to others, as well as live video chats so you can jam out in a hotbox with your friends and other members while socially distancing.

Come check out our servers live movie streams, community-driven music playlists, and special events! Join by clicking here.

The Team Extract Discord community revolves around everything cannabis from extracts to the cultivation of flower and edible recipes/pictures. Our community is growing fast with members from across Canada, the USA, and the UK! A new and exciting place to explore cannabis and its everlasting culture.

We understand that even the biggest cannabis connoisseurs don’t want to strictly talk cannabis 24/7… that’s cool with us! Our channels have many activities to explore beyond just cannabis. Share your art or a favorite book, enter a gaming tournament, talk about the hottest whips and motorbikes on the market, and much more! There’s something for every stoner on our server.

Our server also features a bunch of cool bots to help you enjoy and improve your experience in the community. Here are some cool things you can do in the Team Extract Discord:

  • Tip Bitcoin and other crypto currencies
  • Join contests, trivia and monthly giveaways to win free stuff
  • Combine music and add songs from any streaming service to a live community playlist
  • Stream your desktop live to other members in the community

  • Make your own live video chat hotbox, or hop in another open box
  • Search strain information live in the “strain finder” and learn about certain types of cannabis in seconds

Team Extract Community Channels

Text Channels


  • Cultivation
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Pics & video
  • Legal marketplace
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Deals

Voice & Video Channels

Stream, play music, video call

  • Hotbox #1
  • Hotbox #2
  • Beats
  • Movie Theater
  • Trivia
  • Call of Duty
  • Valorant

Text Channels


  • Art
  • Book Club
  • Cars & auto
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Beats
  • Streamers

Join the Discord and get a $5 coupon for our upcoming merch drop June 1. Click here to join.

Extract Media 🔴 Live on Twitch

The Extract Media Twitch channel is a medium to broadcast Extract 🔴 live content. We have a big schedule for live content upcoming that includes cannabis and cannabis inspired events.

Twitch Schedule (LAUNCHING JUNE 1)

  • 1st Thursday Monthly – The Strain Game
  • 2nd Thursday Monthly – Buds With Buds Trivia
  • 15th of Each Month – BAKED Call of Duty Series
  • Nov 20th, April 20th Annually – The Extract Awards

Follow the Extract Media Twitch channel here now so you don’t miss an event.

Catch events after they happen on the Extract Media YouTube channel.

Live Trivia Cannabis Shows

We host two monthly live trivia shows from the Team Extract Discord. Join the Trivia channels to chat and signup on the Team Extract Discord cannabis community today. Click here to join.

Buds With Buds Trivia

The firstThursday of each month at 8:00pm EST

  • June 4th we get started
  • Signup channel: #Trivia-signup
  • 🔴 Live on Twitch
  • 🍍 Extract Awards event

Canadian Cannabis Trivia 101. Derek from the Derek Show, and the Extract Team presents 40 questions live, and you answer in the chat. 1st place takes $200, 2nd $50 CAD.

Signup here for Buds With Buds Trivia

The Strain Game

The second Thursday of each month at 8:00pm EST

  • June 11th we get started
  • Signup channel: #Trivia-signup
  • 🔴 Live on Twitch
  • 🍍 Extract Awards event

Carl and Jordan pull 40 strains off instaleaf.ca live. You enter guesses in the chat to win 1st place and take home $200 or 2nd for $50 CAD.

Signup here for The Strain Game

More Monthly Team Extract Contests

Kush & Cards Poker Series

Sundays and Wednesdays

  • Open the main Pokerstars Lobby > Home Games tab – Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button
  • Enter the Extract Club ID number: 3551687
  • Enter the Invitation Code: extpkr420
  • 🍍 Extract Awards event

Join Extract in a Pokerstars homegame series. Weekly tournaments every Wednesday and Sunday. Expect deep stack, regular, turbo, heads-up, knockout, and more.

BAKED Call of Duty Series

The 15th of each month

  • Signup channel: #Tournament-Lobby
  • Tournament Info: #tournament-info
  • 🔴 Live on Twitch
  • 🍍 Extract Awards event

Play Call of Duty for awesome prizes every month. We play gunfights, FFA, and a variety of games once monthly on the 15th of each month. Win Battlepass for the year and more.


The🍍 Extract Awards

The Extract Awards have arrived. On November 20th and 420 (April 20th) each year, we come together for the semi-annual 🍍 Extract Awards.

Throughout the year starting June 1, 2020 Extract is hosting a number of events that have a running points system. The more you play, the more chances you have to earn points. For every🍍 Extract Awards Event, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will each receive points that add up throughout the year. Points are tallied up on our leaderboards after each event wraps up, and twice a year, leaders win badass custom 1 off, Extract Gear, presented live on Twitch and in the Extract Community Discord channel.

You can watch the leaderboards here.

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