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Music Festival

Experimental Electronic Music Nights

Date(s) - 21/Feb/2020 - 22/Aug/2020
7:00 pm - 12:00 am

Vapor Central


Come visit Vapor Central every 1st and 3rd Friday for an evening of Experimental music on Vinyl. Music selected by DJ JFK!

Vapor Central is one of Canada’s oldest “Bring Your Own Cannabis” lounges and a cornerstone of Toronto’s Cannabis Community.

In spite of Canada’s archaic cannabis prohibition laws, Vapor Central opened their doors to medical cannabis users in February of 2007, trailblazing the path for cannabis consumption spaces across the country ever since.

During the prohibition era, Vapor Central prided itself for being a hub of political activism and cannabis culture in Canada. In 2018, after cannabis legalization took effect, Vapor Central began shifting the focus of their activism from protesting Canada’s cannabis laws to helping shape new laws built around a culture of “normalized” cannabis use.

Visiting Vapor Central is a unique experience and the staff at Vapor Central live by the motto, “Be High, Don’t Hide It.” . Trained in the unique needs of the cannabis consumer, Vapor Central’s team are some of the most experienced cannabis hospitality professionals in the world.

Vapor Central’s large 2,000 square foot facility is also home to a number of regular stand-up comedy shows and musical events that attract both stoners and new users looking to make more of their high.

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