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We Talk Badass Rosin Presses With the Dead Rabbit Society

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What’s Dead Rabbit?

Dead Rabbit is a collective of talented people driven to always perform above every standard.

We formed a few years ago with the idea that functionality and quality are overlooked variables in the market for products that are available, and we want to change that.

You guys make specialty rosin presses, can you explain why you have focused on this type of equipment and why you think rosin is important?

As metal workers, two things we understand are; heat and pressure. It was synergistic for us and we felt knew how to tackle the task.

We have experience across the map with other forms of processing equipment; food, hospital, breweries, pharmaceuticals, and we felt the safest and most efficient process will always be heat and pressure.

Visit the Dead Rabbit Society website here

What is cannabis rosin?

The art of rosin pressing itself, isn’t monogamous to cannabis extractions, which is often what is referred to with ‘rosin’.

The term rosin actually comes from a century old method of extracting resins from plants used to protect and coat instruments; violio.

Throughout time, the science has continued with all types of essential oils being extracted with the same simple practice of; heat and pressure.

Manipulating those two variables, you are able to isolate distinct parts of the plant material based on melting points and molecule sizes, and in return you can separate essential oils, fats, lipids, and chlorophyll.

The rosin we know and love is a full spectrum extract which embodies an oil that is rich with all the oils/cannabinoids present in the plant material we choose.

It makes a true to host product that really allows you to maintain the realistic effects of use in a more measurable manner, or potent.

Break down your rosin press products for us.

We tried to make something that was going to make this science available to everyone, regardless of their economic demographic.

Whether you wanted to do this from your kitchen table, or have an industrial unit setup in a shop, having a manageable sized unit was a must.

We currently have four units, with our smallest unit being a 12 ton and the largest being a 20 ton, with pneumatic actuation and plates designed to process larger quantities.

Everything about these things is complete overkill. We never wanted there to be an issue of the science laying with the machine 😉

They all create the same product, just depending on the volume, frequency, etc, will ultimately decide the platform youll need. We also explore creating custom unit designed exactly by your requests. If you have an idea you want to explore, lets do it.

Why should someone consider squishing their cannabis as a healthy alternative to combustion flower or even other concentrates available on the market?

Ultimately with rosin you are able create a full spectrum extract safely without the use of dangerous chemicals and hydrocarbons.

Rosin is the truest form of concentrate to cannabis. It maintains the cannabinoid profile and terpene characteristics of the cannabis much more diligently then other forms of extractions.

A major problem with chemical extraction, besides safety, is that it really seems to focus on just stripping the cannabis of THC.

As we continue with the education of cannabis and the effects its has on us, all roads lead to full cannabinoid profiles having the greatest medicinal and euphoric effect on us.

Using rosin allows you to use less product, thus allowing you to have to combust less (if that’s your choosen method).

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate, what other concentrates would you recommend and why?

I can only safely recommend rosin because currently other forms of extraction (besides oral oil) is currently unavailable or illicit to the legal public. I used cannabis infuse my cooking with distillate.

When my education began with rosin, that all changed. There is no better ingredient for edibles then rosin, in my honest opinion.

How do rosin presses compare to other manufacturing equipment in size and costs?

Currently Health Canada does not recognize any forms of extraction equipment and processing legal besides rosin pressing.

Its a grey question.

BHO extraction equipment, done properly, can easily cost $15k-$30k. While super-critical can end up over the $100k mark for a proper unit.

The market for rosin presses isn’t much better, with some units bordering the $10k mark. We really tried to make this affordable and hit the market with a quality product that wouldn’t squish pocket books like it does cannabis.

In terms of quality, you come from a welding background, and have been a cannabis advocate for longer than I can remember.  Why is it important to know your press, and why is Dead Rabbit making such a stir in the cannabis press scene? 

 As you mentioned, personally I have been a cannabis medical patient for over 17 years.

I have been able to manage and socially adapt with it better than pharmaceuticals ever did for me. It’s always been important for me for people in similar positions to feel the same freedoms I feel. The first press was conceived one late night me and my girlfriend wanted to take our science with rosin beyond her hot hair iron.

I use my press regularly, so it being efficient and working properly every time is a must. We’ve refined our presses with speciality jacks made specifically for welding, as well as properly gaskets and oil that can maintain the temperatures used in rosin pressing.

Once someone buys a press from me, I’ll take care of that press until the day I die. I will always make sure they are always working exactly the way they were the first day you used it.

What is the upkeep and regular maintenance on a rosin press?

Simple stuff; keep your plates clean, DONT LEAVE IT ON, leave the press in the open position when not in use. Its a simple machine, simple process, simple upkeep.

Save 10% off your rosin press by using the discount code “xtract” at www.deadrabbit.ca

I’ve noticed a lot of presses push down, but Dead Rabbit’s press up, what is the reasoning behind the design?

It allows us to get the jack itself further away from the heat sources, while still maintaining an upward position for optimal surface area pressure.

What type of cannabis user is a rosin press for and who would benefit most from grabbing one of these?

 Everyone and anyone! Whether your interested in accurate dosing, full spectrum extracts, or just being able to smoke less product for more effect.

Is there a lead time order and do you guys do custom machines for larger scale environments?

We keep everything stocked, but we would be able to get a custom order together in about 2 days.

Do Dead Rabbit Presses come guaranteed / warranty?

 Lifetime on the press and frame and 60 days on the electronic electrodes, which have a life of 2000hrs. We offer a replacement program for them.

As a company in the Canadian cannabis space, what is your outlook of the Cannabis Act recently introduced?  What could be changed in regards to regulations for businesses, recreational, medical patients, edibles, extracts etc.

 Politics. Yes. I will leave that for a short novel.

How baked are you right now?

Haha. Alas, my days of being ‘baked’ are long gone. I have developed a weed tolerance. That being said, I have enough THC in my system to kill an elephant.

Any last words?

I hope these aren’t my last words.

Browse Dead Rabbit Society’s Rosin Press Selection. Use the discount code “xtract” to save 10% on any order.

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