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Hemp Shoes: How One Company Is Using Cannabis To Save The World With Eco Friendly Fashion – Interview With 8000Kicks

Jay Alexander
THE 8000KICKS BRAND Our team recently came across 8000Kicks, an ecofriendly, hemp-made shoe brand with a new line of kicks launching on Tuesday September 22 2020! We had the chance to sit down with the 8000Kicks team to learn a little bit more about the movement and their innovative new products, we’ll dive into that below. But first, a quick...
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Keep It Greasy: Extract Magazine Talks Lubrication & Hemp Oil With Lid Lube

Jay Alexander
We’ve seen Lid Lube around for quite some time now and we have to say that logo is getting pretty familiar around Canada.  What is Lid Lube for those who don’t know? First of all thank you for the opportunity here with Extract Mag! We really appreciate your time allowing us to share our story with you and your readers....
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Normalizing Cannabis In Canada With Chef Travis Petersen – Round 2 at the Infused Dining Series

Jay Alexander
Chef Travis Petersen Is The Masterchef Canada Contestant That if Working To Normalize and Change The Face of Cannabis Across Canada. If you haven’t heard about the Infused Dining Series it’s time to familiarize yourself with one of Canadian cannabis’ educational culinary experiences.   Two years ago, we were honored to meet Chef Travis Petersen, a Canadian MasterChef contestant, former...
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Cannabis Inspired Art From The End of The World: The Contemporary Creations of Patagonia Artist Julian Bustos

Jay Alexander
Julian Bustos is a low key artist that resides deep in Patagonia. When our team came across his work, we were instantly captivated by the unique emotion depicted on each canvas. Julian isn’t your typical painter, artist or online creative, but a guru of digitally remastering art-book drawings, using both traditional and contemporary techniques. He’s a family man that lives...

The Current State of Cannabis in Canada With Dana Larsen

Extract Liam
Dana Larsen is a legend in Canada for his activist and non-profit work. He has started multiple non-profit organizations dedicated to the rights and access medical cannabis for patients, and has been a pioneer for cannabis activism since we were young. Dana served ten years with the world renown Cannabis Culture magazine as an editor and is the former vice...
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Exploring the Roots of Canadian Cannabis with PhD and Activist Investor Dr. Earl Oliver

Jay Alexander
Meet Earl Oliver, PhD and Cannabis Activist Investor I first entered the industry as an investor in mid 2015.  I had sold my home in Waterloo, ON and moved to Silicon Valley to build a technology company.  I only consumed cannabis casually with a close friend who got chronic migraines, and didn’t follow the industry at all.  As an investor,...
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Smokers Corner Airdrie Gets a Face-lift and Rebrands into Just Another Bong Shop

We recently sat down with Jeremy Cahoon, the owner of a newly branded hemp store in Airdrie aptly named Just Another Bong Shop to talk about his recent endeavor. Residents in the community will know this store by its old name Smokers Corner, but Cahoon has recently departed from the franchise to go off on his own. Listen to his...
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What is a Cannagar With Experts Hamilton Cannagar (Giveaway Inside)

Jay Alexander
Tell us a little about Hamilton Cannagar. Hamilton Cannagar was founded by Joshua Hamilton in November of 2016. We began recreational sales in Oregon partnered with Bull Run Craft Cannabis June of 2018. We are a small team of skilled rollers who take pride in crafting the highest quality cannabis cigars and shells. What is a cannagar? How do you...
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The All Inclusive Resort for Cannabis Professionals – Cannabis Haven International

Maciej Otw
Alberta’s abundance of agricultural space could host large greenhouses and various cannabis related operations.  This may not be the case for many companies involved with cannabis; this is a journey with strict zoning laws, difficult permits and dozens of costs. Extract has been working along side Cannabis Haven International, a company that aims to solve many of the problems small...
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Shatterizer’s Favorite Events in 2018 – A Year In Review

Val McCulloch
We’re predicting a year of #PerfectClouds for all of 2019! We’ve got so much to look forward to, especially as we look back at all the revolutionary events, gatherings, conferences, tradeshows and parties that occurred in 2018. It was a year of incredible events, literally! In show sequence from January 2018 to present time, click the bold title to read the Shatterizer story....
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