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Featured Cannabis Gifts – The Extract Pretty Damn Dope Never Ending Gift Guide

Jay Alexander
Stocking Stuffers for StonersWeed Gifts for ParentsWeed Gifts for Fashionable StonersWeed Gifts for Seasoned Stoners Weed Gifts for DabbersWeed Gifts for MenWeed Gifts for Women Disclaimer: You’re going to come across a few products below that have affiliate links. You can be sure this guide is written product first, meaning we put the products together first to ensure quality gift...
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Redefining The Bong – Interview With Stündenglass Creator Of The Gravity Bong

Jay Alexander
Stündenglass is reinventing the modern day bong with an innovation that’s using gravity to deliver your lungs a nice cool and clean hoot. Not limited to a single bong, Stündenglass is also manufacturing gravity hookah devices. The American brand became a Canadian sensation when popular actor and cannabis figure head Seth Rogan shared a funny post taking a hoot with...
High-Tech Dab Gear Gift Guide
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High-Tech Dab Gear Gift Guide

With the rollercoaster that is 2020 almost over, we’re all hoping for a brighter tomorrow in 2021. While we might not see flying cars or visit mars quite yet, this selection of dab gear will definitely help make next year feel more futuristic! Puffco Peak Pro The Puffco Peak Pro is the ultimate example of a high-tech e-nail. Sleek, compact,...
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The Science of Clean Dabs – Introducing the Dabtab and Interview With ILO Research

Jay Alexander
A few months ago we asked our Instagram followers this question – “what are the newest and coolest technologies in cannabis”. We got quite a few answers but there’s one innovation that we followed up with shortly after the post , and it’s a product that could come in handy for everyone; licensed extractors through legacy innovators, home vs mobile...
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The YouTube of Cannabis Has Arrived – Meet TheWeedTube, Your Cannabis Friendly Streaming Platform

Jay Alexander
If you’re a content creator, or just browsing the internet for cannabis inspired videos, you’ve probably experienced some sort of censorship. Cannabis laws around the world vary in different regions, and that means it’s tough to manage the policies that should apply to each uploader. With this, many platforms like YouTube take a harsh stance on cannabis consumption and themed...
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Cannabinoid Absorption Onset & Duration

Jay Alexander
InhaleEatOromucosalTopicalOnsetSeconds – minutes0.5 – 1.5 hours3 – 30 minutesVariableDurationUp to 5 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 12 hoursVariableFormSmoking, vaporizingEdibles, pill form–Only local effectsProsQuick onset, works great for nausea / painLess smell, concenient & discreetRapid but not immediete onsetVariableConsPrice, lung healthDelayed onsetSpotty availablity, bad tasteOnly local effectsBest forAccute or episodic symptomsChronic disease / symptomsAccute symptomsLocalized symptomsHealth Canada Consumer Information – Cannabis...
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Hemp Shoes: How One Company Is Using Cannabis To Save The World With Eco Friendly Fashion – Interview With 8000Kicks

Jay Alexander
THE 8000KICKS BRAND Our team recently came across 8000Kicks, an ecofriendly, hemp-made shoe brand with a new line of kicks launching on Tuesday September 22 2020! We had the chance to sit down with the 8000Kicks team to learn a little bit more about the movement and their innovative new products, we’ll dive into that below. But first, a quick...
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Weed On Instagram. Here’s What You Need To Do To Stop Getting Banned

Jay Alexander
Instagram bans are the worst, and if you’re running a cannabis themed account, you’ve probably experienced them.  At Extract we’ve been through our fair share, and it’s not worth wasting your time with a profile that doesn’t follow Instagram’s terms of service, because they will get you eventually, and sometimes, the ban becomes a deleted profile, which means good bye...
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Keep It Greasy: Extract Magazine Talks Lubrication & Hemp Oil With Lid Lube

Jay Alexander
We’ve seen Lid Lube around for quite some time now and we have to say that logo is getting pretty familiar around Canada.  What is Lid Lube for those who don’t know? First of all thank you for the opportunity here with Extract Mag! We really appreciate your time allowing us to share our story with you and your readers....