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Cannabis in Canadian Jails: Canadian Inmate Access To Organic Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Exist

Jay Alexander
Medical cannabis has been legal for a while now, but what about in the slammer? We wanted to learn a little bit more about if, and how inmates with medical cannabis prescriptions gain access to their product. Stephanie, the Correction Service of Canada’s Communication Manager was kind enough to take......
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Health Canada Releases Cannabis Product Policy Framework for Feedback

Jay Alexander
Health Canada released the framework for cannabis products early Friday December 20, 2018 and it’s not pretty.  Fortunately, they have requested your input and will be revisiting the policies in two months.  The regulation is a step in promoting safe consumption of cannabis.  Focusing on labeling, product strength, packaging, and general......
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Pardon a Cannabis Conviction in Canada – The How To Guide

Jay Alexander
You’ve probably heard rumors about cannabis convictions being overturned in Canada post legalization. Approaching October 17, 2018 (Canada’s national legalization of cannabis date),  the Canadian Government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it clear they have a path to right the wrongs and overturn past cannabis possession convictions that they deemed......
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Digital Purchasing of Cannabis Can Leave a Sticky Trail for Border Officials

Pat Chilo
The globalization of data worldwide has become one of the fastest growing advantages of our global connectivity. The ability to access, exchange, and control global information has been groundbreaking for many industries and everyday people. But what happens when agencies start to use this information against cannabis consumers? Upcoming legalization......