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Chef Travis Peterson Infused Dining Series Interview With Extract Media (Flashback to 2018)

Jay Alexander
In early 2018 (prelegalization), the Extract Media team was invited to attend a private THC infused culinary experience in Calgary Alberta, Canada hosted by Masterchef contestant Chef Travis Petersen. The Infused Dining Series is a high quality, 5 course meal at exclusive Air B&B locations across Canada. Travis hosts events, and gives you the opportunity to pick your own location...
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Normalizing Cannabis In Canada With Chef Travis Petersen – Round 2 at the Infused Dining Series

Jay Alexander
Chef Travis Petersen Is The Masterchef Canada Contestant That if Working To Normalize and Change The Face of Cannabis Across Canada. If you haven’t heard about the Infused Dining Series it’s time to familiarize yourself with one of Canadian cannabis’ educational culinary experiences.   Two years ago, we were honored to meet Chef Travis Petersen, a Canadian MasterChef contestant, former...

The Quarantine Cup 2020

Jay Alexander
Welcome to the Quarantine Cup 2020. This will be hosted on April 20, 2020 for a full day of 420 activities. The goal is to keep 420 social during these times…. and that we are with $1000 in giveaways from between 1:00 and 6:00 PM MTN standard time. Join us: https://discord.gg/bKv6BMj Contests Fruit pipe makingGuess the weightCOD FFACannabis TriviaJoint Rolling...
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Calgary and Edmonton Cannabis Expos Postponed – New Dates & Free Tickets Inside

Jay Alexander
Amidst growing concerns of COVID-19’s ability to spread and quickly, Canada’s top cannabis events are being cancelled and postponed across the board. Non essential services, and no group events, means there’s really no other option. The Calgary Cannabis Expo and the Edmonton Cannabis Expos are two of Alberta’s largest cannabis trade shows, attracting audiences in the thousands, featuring kiosks from...
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Registration Open for Infused Products Conference 2020

Bridget Manley
Feb. 27, 2020 – Cannabis Industry Institute, a leading provider of employee training and informational resources in the cannabis industry, announces the return of The Infused Products Conference, the only conference devoted exclusively to the infused products sector. The event is the premier destination for extractors, edible manufacturers, concentrate manufacturers, extraction scientists, investors, dispensary staff or anyone eager to learn...

Smoke & Show Calgary’s 420 Evening Event

Jay Alexander
April 20 is alive in Calgary!  This year the Extract crew teamed up with a group of Calgary cannabis brands to bring  “Smoke & Show” and help grow the active cannabis community in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Over the weekend Extract Magazine in accordance with Mary J Brides, Turnkey Marketing and TEN7TEEN events brought Calgarians 12 hours of 420 good times....

Cannabis Meets Creativity at Homines et Artis – Humans & Art Event

Maciej Otw
Humans and Art, Calgary A creative cannabis experience Extract Magazine was on location to check out a vision shared by some of Calgary’s extremely talented artists. The creatives will know, cannabis and art come together in harmony to deliver a unique experience, everytime. Let us paint you the scene, an all-ages day event with an equally (if not more) exciting...
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Shatterizer’s Favorite Events in 2018 – A Year In Review

Val McCulloch
We’re predicting a year of #PerfectClouds for all of 2019! We’ve got so much to look forward to, especially as we look back at all the revolutionary events, gatherings, conferences, tradeshows and parties that occurred in 2018. It was a year of incredible events, literally! In show sequence from January 2018 to present time, click the bold title to read the Shatterizer story....
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Growing Cannabis In Canada – Tips With Remo Nutrients, Sundial Cannabis and Eco Lighting Solutions at Golden Acres

Maciej Otw
The legalization of cannabis has sprouted community information sessions, and they’ve been awesome. A few months back, Golden Acres off McKnight Boulevard in Calgary hosted a seminar for us cannabis enthusiasts. Extract magazine attended, and we received valuable growing tips from experienced industry leaders providing the community with their insights. The event was 18 and over and completely free running...