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Buy THC Vape and CBD Vape Products Online and In Dispensary’s Early February

Jay Alexander
Following government’s review of the available evidence, data and other provinces’ positions on cannabis vaping, the sale of cannabis vapes in Alberta, will be allowed, Alberta Gaming Cannabis Liquor (AGLC) Cannabis consumers got some good news February 9, 2020 announcing the AGLC has lifted its ban, and consumers will see......
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Mail Order Marijuana in Canada Is Taking MASSIVE Market Share From Legal Dispensaries and We Know Why

Liam Abbott
Mail Order Marijuana (or MOM) services are nothing new to Canadians, and with brick-n-mortar dispensaries still charging outrageous amounts for Cannabis, it is apparent that these mail order services aren’t going anywhere. Hundreds if not thousands of pop up online cannabis dispensaries have been thriving in the shadows, learning and......
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Mail Order Marijuana Sites in Canada Take a Hit as Domain Suspensions Target Delivery Services

Jay Alexander
2020 is off to a rocky start for online cannabis consumers as domain suspensions plague mail order marijuana sites in Canada (at a domain level). Since the Cannabis Act of October 17, 2018, agencies struggled with reducing the market share of grey area cannabis delivery websites online. The Cannabis Act......
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Legal THC Edibles in Alberta Now Available Across the Province

Jay Alexander
January 13th marked an important date for the books as Albertans have finally been given access to buy legal cannabis edibles for the first time across the province. A very much anticipated and overdue announcement; the AGLC has granted retail dispensaries across Alberta a policy that opens the doors to......
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Cannabis in Canadian Jails: Canadian Inmate Access To Organic Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Exist

Jay Alexander
Medical cannabis has been legal for a while now, but what about in the slammer? We wanted to learn a little bit more about if, and how inmates with medical cannabis prescriptions gain access to their product. Stephanie, the Correction Service of Canada’s Communication Manager was kind enough to take......
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Cannabis In The Workplace: The City of Calgary Says NO To Cannabis For Employees

Jay Alexander
With legal cannabis comes additional challenges for employers. Regardless of where you stand within the cannabis intoxication discussion, we can all agree we want to see safe workspaces around us and for our employees. Legal cannabis complicates the workforce for a number of reasons, and recently the City of Calgary......