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Cooking Weed Edibles At Home – Our Curated List of YouTube’s 100 Best Weed Recipes

Jay Alexander
Cannabis infused candies, chocolates and beverages are widely available online and in retail dispensaries, but what about cooking your own weed recipes at home? Becoming a master of cooking or baking with cannabis will help you not only save money in the long run, but also help you control a number of attributes like which cannabinoids are present, and which...
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Cannabinoid Absorption Onset & Duration

Jay Alexander
InhaleEatOromucosalTopicalOnsetSeconds – minutes0.5 – 1.5 hours3 – 30 minutesVariableDurationUp to 5 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 12 hoursVariableFormSmoking, vaporizingEdibles, pill form–Only local effectsProsQuick onset, works great for nausea / painLess smell, concenient & discreetRapid but not immediete onsetVariableConsPrice, lung healthDelayed onsetSpotty availablity, bad tasteOnly local effectsBest forAccute or episodic symptomsChronic disease / symptomsAccute symptomsLocalized symptomsHealth Canada Consumer Information – Cannabis...
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Chef Travis Peterson Infused Dining Series Interview With Extract Media (Flashback to 2018)

Jay Alexander
In early 2018 (prelegalization), the Extract Media team was invited to attend a private THC infused culinary experience in Calgary Alberta, Canada hosted by Masterchef contestant Chef Travis Petersen. The Infused Dining Series is a high quality, 5 course meal at exclusive Air B&B locations across Canada. Travis hosts events, and gives you the opportunity to pick your own location...
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Malteser’s Millionaires Shortbread – Infused With 25mg of THC Each

Jay Alexander
Shout out to @thebak_ry for sharing this recipe! Ingredients 280g flour200g cannabutterPinch of salt100g sugar397g can condensed milk 5 tbsp golden syrup 2 tbsp soft light brown sugar 200g unsalted butter397g can condensed milk 5 tbsp golden syrup 2 tbsp soft light brown sugar200g unsalted butter Recipe Shortbread Basic 3:2:1 ratio but I do use slightly less flour 3 parts...
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THC Infused Gummy Recipe

Jay Alexander
Cannabis Gummies Ingredients & Tools Stock solution of potassium sorbate 1 part potassium sorbate to 3 parts water (1 tablespoon P.S. to 3 tablespoons water, for example) – Mix and keep in a cool, dark spot It will be good through the expiration on the dry powder package Infused Coconut Oil – Check out Extracts Infused Coconut Oil Recipe. This...
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Normalizing Cannabis In Canada With Chef Travis Petersen – Round 2 at the Infused Dining Series

Jay Alexander
Chef Travis Petersen Is The Masterchef Canada Contestant That if Working To Normalize and Change The Face of Cannabis Across Canada. If you haven’t heard about the Infused Dining Series it’s time to familiarize yourself with one of Canadian cannabis’ educational culinary experiences.   Two years ago, we were honored to meet Chef Travis Petersen, a Canadian MasterChef contestant, former...
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Infused doesn’t always mean as strong. The misconception about edible strength that nobody is talking about

Jay Alexander
I am tired of people dropping distillate on food and referring to it as “infused” dining.  You and I both know that distillate is not providing a similar experience to those brownies we dumped a bunch of marijuana flower in back in the day, below I will share why. Infused is the new buzzword in the cannabis community. Infused dining,...
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Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Oreo Truffles

Jay Alexander
Cooking Edibles Using Hash Today we’re cooking edibles with hash.  This requires a decarb process which will convert the THCA to THC.  This will help us achieve the desired psychoactive effects. Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Oreo Truffles (Hash Truffles) 24 chocolates 45 mg of THC each Tools Needed To Make Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Oreo Truffles (Hash Truffles) Oven Mason...
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Cannabis Edibles, Extracts and Topicals & THC Excise Tax Coming To Canadians May 1, 2019

Jay Alexander
The Canadian Government has released their 2019 budget plan and it encompasses an abundance of changes to the Cannabis Act of October 17, 2018. New Classes of Cannabis Products Canada budget 2019 details 3 new classes of cannabis products that will be available later this year: Edible CannabisCannabis ExtractsCannabis Topicals Applying Excise Duty Taxes To Cannabis Products With the new...