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Licensed Laboratories for Testing Cannabis in Alberta

Jay Alexander
Health Canada has approved a number of laboratories across the country to test and research cannabis both from the private and commercial sectors. This provides insights into all aspects of the plants genetic makeup, cannabinoid levels, fertilizer and chemical levels, terpenes, flavonoids, overall toxicology, potency, moisture levels and more depending......
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Tips For Growing Cannabis In Calgary: Remo Nutrients, Sundial Cannabis and Eco Lighting Solutions at Golden Acres

Maciej Otw
The legalization of cannabis has sprouted community information sessions, and they’ve been awesome. A few months back, Golden Acres off McKnight Boulevard in Calgary hosted a seminar for us cannabis enthusiasts. Extract magazine attended, and we received valuable growing tips from experienced industry leaders providing the community with their insights.......
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The Best Conditions for Growing Hemp & How Does Alberta Stack Up?

Maciej Otw
Plants require the right conditions to thrive and survive, a good but unfortunate reason why we don’t find any palm trees here in Calgary. How do Alberta’s weather conditions stack up to efficiently produce quality hemp and yield premium fibers and CBD extracts? With the right natural conditions, growing can......
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What Type of Grow Setup is Best for Me In Calgary?

Jay Alexander
Growing Cannabis in an Outdoor Garden Growing cannabis outdoors in Calgary is nearly impossible given our short and unpredictable seasons. Our seasons complicate the vegetative and flowering stages; typically, our spring and summer seasons are too short and the winter season is too long. One solution that’s popular in the......