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Infused doesn’t always mean as strong. The misconception about edible strength that nobody is talking about

Jay Alexander
I am tired of people dropping distillate on food and referring to it as “infused” dining.  You and I both know that distillate is not providing a similar experience to those brownies we dumped a bunch of marijuana flower in back in the day, below I will share why. Infused......
Baking Cooking Recipes

Cannabis Cookies Made With Shatter

Jon Boisclare
This recipe for cannabis cookies with shatter is broken into two steps, decarboxylating shatter, and baking your cookies. How to decarboxylate shatter For this recipe we are using a single gram of shatter to make 12 cookies with decarboxylated shatter. This will give us a per cookie dosage of 83.33mg per cookie given......
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Turn Anything Into A Cannabis Infused Dish In Seconds

Jay Alexander
The process of  decarboxylation ensures that the cannabinoids within your product are activated, turning the THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD that we associate many health and psychoactive properties.  In short, eating cannabis flower will not get you “high”.  The THC and CBD we read about so much requires exposure......
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The NomadCook, Chef Travis Peterson Brings The Infused Dining Series To Calgary

Jay Alexander
It’s a new age in team building. A few weeks back, the Extract Team set out on a THC infused adventure, one we won’t forget any time soon!   In search for a new style team building experience, we drop the bar scene to combine luxurious fine dining, cannabis and good......
Beginner Cannabis Cooking Tips

How to Make Perfect Canna Butter – The Chemistry of Decarboxylation

The Alchemist
Here’s a secret that not to many people know about cannabis.    The thing is, dry flower doesn’t really contain THC, it’s THCA, and the two effect us quite differently.  After-all, THCA isn’t going to get you stoned. THCA turns into THC after exposure to low heat, for an extended......