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The Best Cannabis Subreddits of 2020 UPDATED

Jay Alexander
Lets talk cannabis subreddits in 2020! If you haven’t been around the online community Reddit, you’re missing out on a lot of unique, original content, right from the source. Divided into “subs” or “subreddits”, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create communities focused on specific interests.......
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Infused doesn’t always mean as strong. The misconception about edible strength that nobody is talking about

Jay Alexander
I am tired of people dropping distillate on food and referring to it as “infused” dining.  You and I both know that distillate is not providing a similar experience to those brownies we dumped a bunch of marijuana flower in back in the day, below I will share why. Infused......

How to Teach Kids About Cannabis – Changing The Way We Communicate Cannabis Education To Teens

Mark Hope
On a global scale, teens are being mislead about about cannabis based on the controversial D.A.R.E program. Worse yet, the message was recently shared with thousands more through an article by CBC News, with a Q&A on “what teens want to know about cannabis and legalization”. The article centers around......
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Licensed Laboratories for Testing Cannabis in Alberta

Jay Alexander
Health Canada has approved a number of laboratories across the country to test and research cannabis both from the private and commercial sectors. This provides insights into all aspects of the plants genetic makeup, cannabinoid levels, fertilizer and chemical levels, terpenes, flavonoids, overall toxicology, potency, moisture levels and more depending......
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Turn Anything Into A Cannabis Infused Dish In Seconds

Jay Alexander
The process of  decarboxylation ensures that the cannabinoids within your product are activated, turning the THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD that we associate many health and psychoactive properties.  In short, eating cannabis flower will not get you “high”.  The THC and CBD we read about so much requires exposure......
Beginner Cannabis Cooking Tips

How to Make Perfect Canna Butter – The Chemistry of Decarboxylation

The Alchemist
Here’s a secret that not to many people know about cannabis.    The thing is, dry flower doesn’t really contain THC, it’s THCA, and the two effect us quite differently.  After-all, THCA isn’t going to get you stoned. THCA turns into THC after exposure to low heat, for an extended......
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Pardon a Cannabis Conviction in Canada – The How To Guide

Jay Alexander
You’ve probably heard rumors about cannabis convictions being overturned in Canada post legalization. Approaching October 17, 2018 (Canada’s national legalization of cannabis date),  the Canadian Government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it clear they have a path to right the wrongs and overturn past cannabis possession convictions that they deemed......
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What Type of Grow Setup is Best for Me In Calgary?

Jay Alexander
Growing Cannabis in an Outdoor Garden Growing cannabis outdoors in Calgary is nearly impossible given our short and unpredictable seasons. Our seasons complicate the vegetative and flowering stages; typically, our spring and summer seasons are too short and the winter season is too long. One solution that’s popular in the......