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Cannabinoid Absorption Onset & Duration

Jay Alexander
InhaleEatOromucosalTopicalOnsetSeconds – minutes0.5 – 1.5 hours3 – 30 minutesVariableDurationUp to 5 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 12 hoursVariableFormSmoking, vaporizingEdibles, pill form–Only local effectsProsQuick onset, works great for nausea / painLess smell, concenient & discreetRapid but not immediete onsetVariableConsPrice, lung healthDelayed onsetSpotty availablity, bad tasteOnly local effectsBest forAccute or episodic symptomsChronic disease / symptomsAccute symptomsLocalized symptomsHealth Canada Consumer Information – Cannabis...
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The Complete Guide To Bitcoin – A History of Bitcoin & Cannabis and a Guide To Using Bitcoin In Canada

Jay Alexander
Bitcoin is the original crypto currency. Released as a form of peer-to-peer digital transaction with the aim to remove the trust element that comes with third party financial services. Bitcoin allows you to manage your funds absent of a bank, removing fees and putting the security in your hands.  This type of currency  doesn’t require the opening of an account...
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The Best Cannabis Subreddits of 2020 UPDATED

Jay Alexander
Lets talk cannabis subreddits in 2020! If you haven’t been around the online community Reddit, you’re missing out on a lot of unique, original content, right from the source. Divided into “subs” or “subreddits”, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create communities focused on specific interests. These subs have found a focus on cannabis, but not...
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Infused doesn’t always mean as strong. The misconception about edible strength that nobody is talking about

Jay Alexander
I am tired of people dropping distillate on food and referring to it as “infused” dining.  You and I both know that distillate is not providing a similar experience to those brownies we dumped a bunch of marijuana flower in back in the day, below I will share why. Infused is the new buzzword in the cannabis community. Infused dining,...

How to Teach Kids About Cannabis – Changing The Way We Communicate Cannabis Education To Teens

Mark Hope
On a global scale, teens are being mislead about about cannabis based on the controversial D.A.R.E program. Worse yet, the message was recently shared with thousands more through an article by CBC News, with a Q&A on “what teens want to know about cannabis and legalization”. The article centers around two teen girls who feel as though they aren’t being...
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Licensed Laboratories for Testing Cannabis in Alberta

Jay Alexander
Health Canada has approved a number of laboratories across the country to test and research cannabis both from the private and commercial sectors. This provides insights into all aspects of the plants genetic makeup, cannabinoid levels, fertilizer and chemical levels, terpenes, flavonoids, overall toxicology, potency, moisture levels and more depending upon the laboratory. How can I test my home grown...

Travelling With Cannabis in Canada

Maciej Otw
We know a lot of cannabis connoisseurs are curious about regulations when it comes to travelling with cannabis. What are the limits for carrying, can you carry cannabis legally on a flight, pre-flight toking, and packing requirements have all been outlined by the federal Government, so let’s dig in.  For the purposes of this article we’re only talking recreational users,...
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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Jay Alexander
We have an updated cannabis seeds guide.  Buy cannabis seeds here. Since October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis users have been plagued with the inability to buy cannabis clones or seeds from a legal source. That changed early in 2019 as the AGLC operated online recreational cannabis dispensary, albertacannabis.org listed two types of cannabis seeds for sale to Albertians; one THC...
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Turn Anything Into A Cannabis Infused Dish In Seconds

Jay Alexander
Cannabis edibles are a popular way of enjoying the benefits of cannabis without the need to smoke it.  The process of  decarboxylation ensures that the cannabinoids within your product are activated, turning the THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD that we associate many health and psychoactive properties.  In short, eating cannabis flower will not get you “high”.  The THC and...
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How to Make Perfect Canna Butter – The Chemistry of Decarboxylation

The Alchemist
Here’s a secret that not to many people know about cannabis.    The thing is, dry flower doesn’t really contain THC, it’s THCA, and the two effect us quite differently.  After-all, THCA isn’t going to get you stoned. THCA turns into THC after exposure to low heat, for an extended period of time, and that leads us into decarboxylation, a...