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Cannabis for Nausea?

Scientists who study marijuana and its compounds will be the first to tell you that the research into the matter is extremely new. There are over 100 cannabinoid compounds that make up the multi-use plant, and many of those components have not been directly researched or explored. Although, studies conducted by the University of Calgary and the University of Guelph have relieved a few exciting details after studying CBD.

What was found is that the CBD components within marijuana have been directly related as a suppressant for nausea. Previously, doctors who were attempting to treat nausea within chemotherapy cancer patients often prescribed THC – tetrahydrocannabinol as a solution.

THC is famous for being the psychoactive property within marijuana that causes a euphoric feeling. New research has concluded that CBD is more specifically the compound that combats and alleviates symptoms of nausea.

So far, the research has only been conducted on laboratory rats. Which means that the next phase of testing should be focused on human trials. Needless to say, there are most likely a large demographic of individuals who have already experienced the benefits of CBD-cannabidiol in their quest to combat nausea. Unfortunately, approval from health services will be restricted to the public until further clinical trials are conducted.

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