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Buds With Buds Trivia Live Trivia Kicks Off June 4th

Welcome to Extract Media’s Buds With Buds Monthly Trivia presented by Derek from The Derek Show & Liam and Jordan from Extract Magazine. Buds With Buds Trivia is an online streamed show that is open to everyone of legal age in their province or territory.

On the FIRST Thursday of each month join us for a few hours of cannabis trivia and win some amazing prizes. 

We sit down at 4:20PM EST in the Team Extract Discord Server and go through 40 cannabis related questions! We read the questions live on the air. Watch the stream on Extract Media’s Twitch channel and the Team Extract Discord Channel. Contestants enter guesses into the Team Extract Discord chat, and the first correct answer will win a point. At the end of 40 questions, the contestants with the most points win.

  • 1st place takes $200, 2nd $50 CAD.

Expect questions in many forms, true false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, eye spy, short answer, scavenger hunt style and more.

This is a Canadian cannabis 101 trivia theme. Find topics in the following areas: local Canadian cannabis businesses, news, cultivation, edibles, extracts, producers, dispensaries, in the press, stars, athletes, history, cannabis act, medical, cannabinoids, terpenes – anything cannabis in Canada is fair game.

How to sign up:

Log into the Team Discord App to signup. Just drop a message in the TRIVIA SIGNUP channel, and you’re ready to go!  We will be live at 4:20pm est on the DOT. Contestants must be Canadian and of legal age in their province. Prizes are sometimes sent by Extract, sometimes our sponsors – they will be sent out the day after trivia.  All contestants who answer a question will be added to the leaderboard.


  • 4:20pm est
  • The FIRST Thursday of each month

Upcoming Schedule:

  • June 4
  • July 6
  • August 6
  • September 3
  • October 1

How to join:

What’s up for grabs:

  • 1st place takes $200, 2nd $50 CAD.

The Hosts

Derek is a cannabis inspired Canadian comedian with roots in Calgary, currently focusing on a social media channel and livestream named The Derek Show.

Liam is a gamer, professional marketing guru for the Extract team, as well a moderator of the Team Extract Discord.

Jordan is a cannabis enthusiast and founder of the Extract group of brands including Extract Media, Extract Magazine and the Team Extract community.

Expect feature guests and faces to join us each month.

Just want to watch?  We will also be streaming on Twitch, and you can catch past Buds With Buds Trivia on YouTube.

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