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Maciej Otw has been a cannabis enthusiast and author in Calgary, AB, Canada for the last 15 years. Find Maciej at Extract events and behind the camera on the Extract Potcast team. Contact me about this article maciej@extractmag.com.

Cannabis Meets Creativity at Homines et Artis – Humans & Art Event

Maciej Otw
Humans and Art, Calgary A creative cannabis experience Extract Magazine was on location to check out a vision shared by some of Calgary’s extremely talented artists. The creatives will know, cannabis and art come together in harmony to deliver a unique experience, everytime. Let us paint you the scene, an all-ages day event with an equally (if not more) exciting...

Hempcrete Brings Sustainable Building Alternatives To Alberta Housing

Maciej Otw
Hempcrete brings Alberta’s housing industry one of the most versatile uses for industrial hemp.  With ground broken on nearly 400 homes monthly in Calgary, the housing industry is just one that hempcrete aims to bring sustainability, affordability, and durability. Hempcrete suppliers are beginning to pop up worldwide, giving an indication that there is a real demand for these products. What...

The All Inclusive Resort for Cannabis Professionals – Cannabis Haven International

Maciej Otw
Alberta’s abundance of agricultural space could host large greenhouses and various cannabis related operations.  This may not be the case for many companies involved with cannabis; this is a journey with strict zoning laws, difficult permits and dozens of costs. Extract has been working along side Cannabis Haven International, a company that aims to solve many of the problems small...
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Growing Cannabis In Canada – Tips With Remo Nutrients, Sundial Cannabis and Eco Lighting Solutions at Golden Acres

Maciej Otw
The legalization of cannabis has sprouted community information sessions, and they’ve been awesome. A few months back, Golden Acres off McKnight Boulevard in Calgary hosted a seminar for us cannabis enthusiasts. Extract magazine attended, and we received valuable growing tips from experienced industry leaders providing the community with their insights. The event was 18 and over and completely free running...
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The Best Conditions for Growing Hemp & How Does Alberta Stack Up?

Maciej Otw
Plants require the right conditions to thrive and survive, a good but unfortunate reason why we don’t find any palm trees here in Calgary. How do Alberta’s weather conditions stack up to efficiently produce quality hemp and yield premium fibers and CBD extracts? With the right natural conditions, growing can be done with very little expense as hemp regenerates fast,...

Travelling With Cannabis in Canada

Maciej Otw
We know a lot of cannabis connoisseurs are curious about regulations when it comes to travelling with cannabis. What are the limits for carrying, can you carry cannabis legally on a flight, pre-flight toking, and packing requirements have all been outlined by the federal Government, so let’s dig in.  For the purposes of this article we’re only talking recreational users,...

Kush Collective – A pre-legalization interview with a startup cannabis dispensary in Calgary

Maciej Otw
The Extract team met up with the guys behind the beautiful brand at Kush Collective! Through a generous exchange of knowledge, they helped us understand what happens behind the scenes for the recreational dispensary startups in Calgary. The Kush Collective team is currently going through an appeal process as their location was put on hold.  For a small business in...

What Can Canada Expect From the USA’s Experience With Legalization

Maciej Otw
Since 2012, 10 states in the USA have legalized cannabis, California being the most recent state to do so in 2016. Increased legalization by state governments has revealed a number benefits and issues and offers some insights for Canadians as national legalization becomes a reality here. Issues of security and legality persist for growers and consumers of cannabis despite state...

Condensed Hemp History

Maciej Otw
The first use of hemp dates back 10,000-12,000 years according to many historians. However, recent discoveries in Czechoslovakia using carbon dating methods have presented the world with rope made from hemp fiber dating back to 26,000 BC. It is well documented that in Taiwan, hemp cords were used to create pottery. With its medicinal and material qualities, hemp gained traction...