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Liam is an avid writer and digital marketer currently focusing on the marijuana industry. To contact Liam, shoot him an email at liam@extractmag.com for any business inquiries, questions, or just to chat!

The Current State of Cannabis in Canada With Dana Larsen

Extract Liam
Dana Larsen is a legend in Canada for his activist and non-profit work. He has started multiple non-profit organizations dedicated to the rights and access medical cannabis for patients, and has been a pioneer for cannabis activism since we were young. Dana served ten years with the world renown Cannabis Culture magazine as an editor and is the former vice...

Mail Order Marijuana in Canada Is Taking MASSIVE Market Share From Legal Dispensaries and We Know Why

Extract Liam
Mail Order Marijuana (or MOM) services are nothing new to Canadians, and with brick-n-mortar dispensaries still charging outrageous amounts for Cannabis, it is apparent that these mail order services aren’t going anywhere. Hundreds if not thousands of pop up online cannabis dispensaries have been thriving in the shadows, learning and adapting to consumer needs and wants, bypassing the strict regulation...