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A “Make Your Own” Night, featuring: Cannabis-infused Tinctures & Topicals

Calgary, Alberta | May 27, 2019:

We’re hoping that by sharing our knowledge, recipes, and experiences; that we can nurture attendee’s sense of curiosity and foster a safe space. We present some of the reasoning that brought these medicines into our lives. So you can ask your questions about cannabis-infused tinctures, topicals, and making your own! We’ll answer what we can, and provide references to further your own journey.

*No Cannabis flower or Cannabis plants are on site for the workshop. No Cannabis will be consumed. No Cannabis is for sale.

Stacey Perlin and Kelly Gibson present on their research and experiences with Cannabis-infused tinctures and topicals. They are both medical Cannabis users, and work to support the Cannabis industry. The venue partner is Steve Mix and his TEN7TEEN Classroom, located at Suite 250, 736 6th AVE SW.

Stacey was diagnosed with a variety of arthritic conditions along her spine in 2016. She has used Cannabis to help address her chronic pain and it’s accompanying anxiety, as well as regain her range of motion. She is a crystal-elixir infused tinctures enthusiast, and crafts her own elixirs, for her health and spirituality practices. Her tinctures have helped her and others cope with chronic pain, anxiety, and nurture connection to Spirit. She is currently working to establish an annual event in Calgary for mental health and Cannabis awareness.

Kelly was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 2001, and has been working in the Cannabis industry for over 3 years. She was initially at the local Cannabis Clinic, and now for a national Cannabis retail company. She has written for several Cannabis publications, sharing her experience and educating others. Most recently, she worked to launch “Canna Talks”, a podcast where the hosts hope to discuss all topics related to Cannabis, in an effort to reduce misconceptions about consumption and to educate consumers.

About TEN7TEEN TEN7TEEN provides a full-range of services designed for investment, support and sustained growth in the Cannabis and Cannabis-related sectors. The company leverages the expertise of Steve Mix, CEO of WeEmploy Inc., and his four Partners in growing Canada’s Cannabis market. Services include consultation (concept to commercialization), community engagement, training, investment, and technological innovation.

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